Best Mobile Subscription Plan in Switzerland – Das beste Handy Abo in der Schweiz


  • need new hardware
  • Low dependency risk (contract period, sim lock)
  • Low monthly basic fee


  • buy hardware elsewhere
  • look for 12-month contracts


Manufacturer Model Prices Swisscom Digitec
HTC Desire CHF 649 CHF 464
HTC Desire HD CHF 799 CHF 529
Apple iPhone 4 16GB CHF 799 CHF 849

In combination with a cheap mobile contract, the HTC Desire HD is the most attractive offer.

Abo Preis Leistung
flat basic surf (12 month contract) CHF 35 data: 500Mb / sunrise calls: unlimitiert / 0.35 p.min / SMS: 0.12
Hardware HTC Desire: N/A
HTC Desire HD: CHF 459
iPhone 4 16Gb: CHF 589
liberty mezzo (12 month contract) CHF 35 data: 250MB / 0.50 p.min / SMS 0.20
Hardware HTC Desire: CHF 299
HTC Desire HD: CHF 399
iPhone 4 16Gb: 24m subscription period ONLY
Orange Me (12 month contract) CHF 35 data: 1GB / 0.45 p.min / SMS 0.15
Hardware HTC Desire: CHF 199
HTC Desire HD: CHF 349
iPhone 4 16Gb: 549

Of course, we need at least 1GB or better, a flat rate on data connections. The best offer is Orange Me. Together with this contract, the mobile phone HTC Desire HD is discounted to only CHF 349!

Abo Preis Leistung
Great Sunrise Offer (no discounts on hardware)
flat basic ohne Handy CHF 10 sunrise: unlimitiert / 0.35 p.min / SMS: 0.12
surf flat CHF 19 data: unlimitiert
Total CHF 29 data: unlimited

Best Offers: Conclusion

The two most promising offers are:

  • Orange Me: CHF 35 monthly + CHF 349 for HTC Desire HD
  • Sunrise flat basic + surf flat: CHF 29 monthly + CHF 529 for HTC Desire HD at Digitec

Additionally, buying your mobile phone at Digitec means that your mobile phone does not have any simlock on it.