Sexy Web Techs

Javascript Sexyness

Plugin for scroll animation based on Greensock, currently one of the best web animation frameworks out there (

BigVideo handles full-screen background videos (

FullPage creates a slide-like web experience (

jQuery Appear let’s you do stuff when an element becomes visible (

HoverIntent only triggers an animation or an action when the mouse pointer slows down and stays on the target element (

jQuery Isotope rearranges items based on the vertically available space (

TouchSwipe can detect gestures in javascript on touchscreen devices such as tablets and smartphones (

Toolbar.js makes nifty toolbars as tooltips for you (

Waypoints.js is similar to jQuery Appear (

DoubleTapToGo: A Responsive, touch-enabled menu solution (

SVG Sexyness

SVGO optimises svg code to be included into a web page:

All Fontawesome as SVG: