A tweaked link and button plugin for DjangoCMS (Alternative to djangocms-link)

I have tweaked the standard DjangoCMS link plugin a bit. My version can be found here: https://github.com/what-digital/djangocms-link

Standard DjangoCMS Link/Button Plugin: https://github.com/divio/djangocms-link

The new version features some advantages:

  • Both button and link are a elements that can be easily styled
  • Made use of the new PageField that features a better page selection for links to DjangoCMS pages
  • Introduced the possibility to link to a file
  • Introduced the possibility to add a class to the a element for custom button styling
  • Bugfix: Inside the link plugin, other content elements can now be added (avoid other links though!) instead of using the link name as anchor text.
  • The plugin also unregisters the Aldryn Bootstrap3 Button/Link element.