All the Android / iOS devices on your MacOSX

Us web developers have great use for simulating the behaviour of mobile websites on our computers. It’s much simpler and more cost-efficient to handle multiple devices on my desktop rather than having these phones lying around on my desk, is it not?

here is how I set this up on my system:

iOS devices:

  • Just install XCode
  • Open XCode and select from the menu XCode -> Open Developer Tools -> Simulator
  • et voila your iOS devices including watch and iPad on your desktop!

Android (Google) devices:

  • install or update homebrew from
  • Install the Android SDK with brew install android
  • execute android and install your SDK version and the image (currently 23), as well as Google Play Services and Intel HAXM
  • execute android avd to start the AVD manager, create an AVD with the Google APIs Intel Atom x68_64 CPU, and choose the skin with dynamic hardware control, activate use host GPU
  • Download the Google Apps from here:
  • unzip the .tar.xz inside the .zip file with tar -xvf ./*.tar.xz
  • adb install ./insert/path/from/your/download/location/to/the/extracted/Chrome.apk
  • et voila you have a running Android device on your desktop!

Note: In case you have Docker or VirtualBox running – these must be shut down before the emulator can run.