Firebase Dynamic Links and Marketing Campaign Attribution

The goal: What the app marketer would like to do: Prepare links with Google Analytics utm parameters that lead the user to the app (either via download & install through the app store or directly to the installed app) and then use these links in online marketing campaign across the board (email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, display advertising, etc.)

The Solution (experimental): Firebase Dynamic Links

Here is how you can create such a Firebase Dynamic Link manually and here is the debug view of an example of a Firebase Dynamic Link:

According to the official documentation, these links will work on both iOS and Android, whether the app is installed or not. Google Analytics utm_parameters appear to be fully supported.

Dynamic Links work across app installs: if a user opens a Dynamic Link on iOS or Android and doesn’t have your app installed, the user can be prompted to install it; then, after installation, your app starts and can access the link.

When a user opens one of your Dynamic Links, if your app isn’t yet installed, the user is sent to the Play Store or App Store to install your app (unless you specify otherwise), and your app opens. You can then retrieve the link that was passed to your app and handle the deep link as appropriate for your app.
This is an example of what a Firebase Dynamic Link is capable of doing in different situations.