Why we use divio.com for django / django CMS hosting

Divio is the company that originally founded django CMS a couple of years ago and that still contributes to developing it further together with the rest of the django CMS community.

Divio is a professional, modern cloud hosting company specialized in hosting python / django / django CMS projects in a highly secure, performant and efficient way.

Divio relies on data centers in Europa and North America via Amazon Web Services (AWS) and in Switzerland – its hosting is fully scalable, meaning that we could host websites with Divio that would be used by hundreds of thousands of daily users.

Amongst Divio’s customers are small to large enterprises in Switzerland and across the globe including S&P Fortune 500 companies and global financial institutions.

Divio is headquartered in Zurich, close to Hardbrücke and has offices in New York City and Stockholm as well as a technical team distributed around the world to be able to respond to support requests around the clock (24/7).

At what.digital what we like about divio.com hosting is:

  • simplicity of the divio.com control panel to launch and maintain projects for our clients
  • very competitive pricing
  • simple backup
  • quick responses from their support staff
  • robust developer tools for django and django CMS projects