The top free (or cheap) ways to build your own website

Do you have a small business or just otherwise don’t have the budget to engage with a professional service provider or development team just yet? Then the following ways to get a decent website for free (or for cheap) might be for you.

A word of caution at the beginning: These website builders are quite rigid and simple. If you develop and grow your business you might soon find yourself in the situation where you’ll want to switch to a more powerful technology.


Squarespace is a cloud-based website builder. They support many different business types, for example they have templates for professional photographers but also for yoga studios.

Pricing starts at a couple of bucks per month. Of course, you can buy or connect a custom domain. Since it’s cloud-based you dont have to worry about hosting, it’s all included.

You can go here for a demo:


If for some reason you cannot warm up to Squarespace, you might want to try a good alternative:

Weebly is a bit cheaper, it comes at the monthly price of a cup of coffee (in Switzerland). It’s very similar to squarespace. They support your website building process by taking you through a step by step process which is a great help for absolute beginners.


If you tried Squarespace or Weebly and say: These don’t work for me I need more power and flexibility! Then you might want to try Webflow.

Webflow is NOT for beginners though. There are many, many settings and it can be confusing even for a professional. Webflow has pre-made templates that look good and are easy to adapt, but the advanced settings are still lurking in the shadows and there is nothing that protects you from messing things up.

At the same time Webflow falls short of giving a professional developer or designer the possibilities to implement a custom design perfectly.

Bespoke Website

The above options are too lightweight for you?

Do you have a budget and are you looking for professional web design and development? Then we at would be happy to help. Please get in touch via – we are looking forward to hearing from you.